A Primer on Lorestan Tourism

Lorestan is separated into 10 regulatory provinces, and home to some 1.700.000 individuals. Outside of the primary urban communities, as recorded beneath, the area is dabbed with many towns. North and East Lorestan has a freezing blanketed winter with wonderful summer. Focal Lorestan incorporates the capital city of Khorram Abad with moderate climate during a […]

A Look into Lorestan’s Tourism

Lorestan Province is a region of western Iran in the Zagros Mountains . The number of inhabitants in Lorestan was assessed at 1,716,527 individuals in 2006 . In 2014 it was set in Region 4 . Lorestan covers a region of 28,392 km2 . The significant urban areas in this region are Khorramabad , Borujerd […]

The Latest on the Lorestan Flood Disaster

Substantial rains in the previous two days have totally overpowered a few towns in the bumpy Lorestan territory, where constrained clearings were requested and individuals by and large needed to escape to close-by mountains to evade unending deluge of floods. The leader of Iran’s Red Crescent Sarem Rezaee says Pol-e-Dokhtar, one of these towns, is […]

Top Places to See in the Lorestan Province

A region in western Iran generally encompassed by the Zagros Mountains, Lorestan is probably the most established spot in Iran as well as the entire world. Archeological unearthings have demonstrated it to be one of the most punctual human living spaces and Lorestan bronze (Mefragh) is world celebrated. Given its authentic centrality, it is the […]